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Faroe Islands' First Luxury Bespoke Travel Company

Faroe Islands’ First Bespoke Luxury Travel Company

At REMÓT, we believe in a sustainable path forward for the tourism sector, where all stakeholders emerge as winners. This means travelers enjoying the most immersive and refreshing experiences a destination can offer, the local tourism industry thriving, and inviting locals to participate in the tourism sector – all while respecting the wishes and boundaries of the people living in the Faroe Islands.

Wildlife in the Faroe Islands


The 7th century Irish Monks’ description of the Faroes as “The Islands of the Sheep and the Paradise of Birds,” remains apt to this day. Home to millions of birds, a sheep-population that outnumbers humans by roughly a factor of two, mountains teeming with hares and so many fish that they form the center of a developed nation’s economy. The Faroe Islands is an alive and thriving land.

Sustainable Tourism in the Faroe Islands


We have a strong desire to help our travelers achieve authentic experiences and lasting memories while leaving the Faroe Islands better off upon departure than when they arrived. Following this approach allows travelers to experience the Faroes from its most welcoming and enchanting side while developing the new and up-and-coming tourism segment in the Faroe Islands in a sustainable manner.

History of the Faroe Islands


The Faroe Islands have a rich history, stretching back more than a thousand years. According to historians and archeologists, the first settlers were 7th century Irish Monks, who described the “Islands of the sheep and Paradise of Birds upon arriving on the shores.” Later, Vikings settled the Faroes, after which the islands changed hands many times; becoming constituents of various kingdoms, including the Kingdom of Norway, the Kalmar Union, and the Kingdom of Denmark. More recently, the islands have seen robust growth in the export-oriented fishing industry, which, together with salmon farming, amount to an excess of 90% of the Faroese export.