Sustainable Travel
in the Faroe Islands

At REMÓT Travel, we believe that the only viable long-term approach to Faroese tourism is through an inclusive and sustainable approach.

REMÓT Travel was founded on the premise of developing the Faroe Islands through positive tourism. Travel builds cultural understanding and promotes connection between humans-humans and humans-nature. We believe that as the local tourism sector thrives, Faroese society thrives.

With travellers starting to explore the Faroe Islands, it has resulted in accelerated local gastronomic innovation, more experential activities have become availabe for locals and travellers alike, and it helps us locals better understand our own culture and the uniqueness of our own traditions.

However, with a population of only 50,000 people, the Faroe Islands is also a very small and fragile place. Hence, it is on top of REMÓT Travel’s agenda to lead the way in developing the Faroese tourism sector in a sustainable manner. With Faroese tourism still being in the very early stages, we want to make sure that we get it right as a society – allowing travellers to explore our beautiful islands whilst keeping the Faroese way-of-life intact.


When we craft REMÓT Journeys, we always do it in close collaboration with local Faroese partners. This ensures that everything we do is with respect and regard for the local community and natural environment.

Our partners in the Faroe Islands are always locally Faroese – and so are we at REMÓT. This ensures that resources stay within our communities, resulting in more opportunities and innovation in the Faroese tourism sector.

We always plan our REMÓT Experiences to be as localized as possible, with local partners. We want to create direct value in the towns and villages where we operate.

We always look for eco-friendly options for our travellers, whether that is sourcing goods locally or using electric vehicles for our clients.

No mass tourism. Some tourist attractions in the Faroe Islands are currently under a lot of pressure from the influx of tourists, and some of the natural ecosystems struggle to stay healhty. We always recommend our travellers to explore off-the-beaten-path locations, as we believe this is best for the local environments … and additionally, these places are often more exceptional than the more renowned spots.


In general, we operate by REI’s 7 “Leave no Trace" principles.

Please respect the wildlife in the Faroe Islands. This means not disturbing or chasing animals in the wild.

Please do not make any active impact on the natural environment. Use the set mountain routes, as these ensure minimal impact on the natural environement. Additionally, please do not move rocks or take flowers.

Always respect the privacy of all local inhabitants. This includes not photographing locals without consent.

Drink our water – Faroese tap water is clean and drinkable for locals and travellers alike! One bottle should be enough for an entire trip.

Finally – and this one goes without saying – please do not litter. Let us work together to keep the environment clean and unspoiled.


We are 99% digital in our operations, and when it is absolutely necessary to use paper, we always make sure to print on both sides.

We make sure not to travel when a video-call does the job, and when we do travel we always make sure to choose the most environmentally friendly options. When we choose to fly, we always offset our carbon footprint.