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Shifting to a new setting offers fresh perspectives, stimulates problem-solving, and crystalizes strategic vision.

The Faroe Islands is the
perfect place to gain clarity and build community as a business.

not perfect is planning and organizing yourself. 

  • Making sure the coffee is out and ready before a workshop
  • Planning a rappelling event on a cliff overlooking the ocean to build team morale
  • Ensuring accommodations are nearby the conference center

REMÓT TRAVEL handles everything. We take care of all of your bookings, plan amazing
experiences for your group, and assist in escorting your team around.

What You’ll Get By Choosing REMÓT TRAVEL as Your MICE Travel Agency in the Faroe Islands

Are you looking for a team offsite to hold some strategic yearly planning meetings? Or perhaps you want to host an important client meeting in an epic place like the Faroe Islands? We can handle everything, allowing you to focus on business.

  • Venue selection: Whether you want a sleek, minimalist meeting room overlooking the sea for a small executive-only meeting or a larger space for your whole team, we can find the perfect spot.
  • Food & beverage: Locally sourced small bites in between meeting sessions, freshly brewed coffee to get things going, or whatever else you may need.
  • AV: Microphones, projectors, cords… we’ll handle it all.

We’ll help motivate your team and congratulate them for a job well done by planning exclusive, luxury experiences they can enjoy together. 

  • One-of-a-kind experiences: Grotto sailing? Eating a luxury meal underground in a mine? An exciting helicopter tour to a remote hike? Yep, we can do that.
  • Accommodations and transportation: Whether  you’re ferrying your team to a grand hotel via private driver or taking a boat trip to stay in a unique villa or cottage, we’ll handle it all.
  • Private air travel: If you really want to go all out, we can even book private jets to the Faroe Islands for you.


We can take all the stress and pressure out of planning your event by selecting and booking the finest of everything.

  • Venue selection and negotiation: You don’t have to lift a finger. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make it all happen.
  • Shipping and logistics support: Need banners, prototypes, and other physical products shipped to the Faroe Islands? We can help coordinate.
  • Customized swag and gifts: We have access to world-class vendors that can produce unique, bespoke souvenirs like private-label Faroe Islands beer or water.

With REMÓT TRAVEL, you can dream big about your events and we’ll make them happen! 

  • Renting out restaurants/private chef: What’s a party without great food?
  • Branded EVERYTHING: Do you want your brand to be the center of the event? We can ensure the space looks fantastic and custom to you.

Other Details REMÓT TRAVEL Will Take Care Of


Our MICE travel agency in the Faroe Islands plans events for companies large and small. If you need a grand hotel with conference rooms and event spaces, we can book that for you.

If you’re a smaller group and prefer the fun and funky feel of a boutique hotel, we’d love to help you make that happen.

If you’d prefer something a little different like having your group stay in a villa, cottage, or even a farm, we can take care of everything. The Faroe Islands will provide a luxury backdrop for a memorable MICE event like nothing you (or your team) have ever experienced before.

Fine Dining

Whether your group wants to experience authentic Faroese cuisine, dine at the most unique restaurants, or allow us to book a private chef for your team, REMÓT TRAVEL will handle everything down to the smallest detail. All you and your group have to do is show up ready to immerse.

Custom Excursions and Adventure Tours

One of the biggest benefits of planning a MICE event in the Faroe Islands is that you can do and see things you won’t experience anywhere else. Using a MICE travel agency in the Faroe Islands also offers this benefit: You can accomplish all of this without having to lift a finger.

hiking to adventure tours, even private helicopter excursions, our bespoke itineraries will be uniquely created for your group, ensuring once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

Getting Around the Islands

The Faroe Islands are vast, and if you really want to see them, having a luxury guided tour with a private car, boat, or helicopter is the way to go. 

We can also provide a private driver to pick your group up from the airport and transport you to your accommodations, experiences, and dining. We’ll also book private jet airfare for you if you choose to go that route.

5 Reasons To Book Your Corporate Event With REMÓT TRAVEL



Our concept is built around remoteness, hence the name REMÓT. We want to enable travelers to discover the remote corners of our planet - fittingly starting with the Faroe Islands. This Remoteness is also reflected in our REMÓT Retreat accommodations, pearls that combine the sense of escape with Faroese authenticity.


Centred around locals

Our REMÓT Journeys are designed and centered around the locals, whether having dinner with the local farmer, fishing with the local fisherman, or going hiking with a local guide. We always provide REMÓT travelers with the opportunity to truly get a strong feel for the local environment, discovering local cultures, traditions, and nuances. We believe this is what makes for the most immersive and insightful travel experiences.


Sustainable approach to travel

The Faroese have lived alone and isolated on the Faroe Islands for over a millennia. Hence, we are still getting used to the new reality of becoming a more active and visible player on the world map - and this is also true for Faroese tourism.

We believe that the best way to evolve Faroese tourism is through incremental steps, inviting locals to participate in every step of the way. Hence, at REMÓT, we have ensured to invite truly local players - from farmers to fishers to nature enthusiasts - to participate in our REMÓT Experiences. This way, locals are provided with an opportunity to participate in the growing tourism and actively define the conversations surrounding this segment. This, we believe, is the most sustainable approach to tourism in the Faroe Islands.


Faroese born

We are Faroese born. The founders are Faroese, the company is Faroese, and all affiliates are Faroese. This is one of our core strengths in allowing our travelers to gain insights about the Faroese culture and explore local treasures. In a country of only 50,000 people, relationships carry weight in the Faroe Islands. By being local, we are best positioned to nurture these relationships and unlock genuinely local experiences.


The most unique accommodations

Accommodation options are central to our travel experiences. We provide REMÓT Travelers with two accommodation options: Cottage Retreat and Hotel Relief. In both cases, the accommodations have been carefully viewed and selected.

Cottage Retreat offers hand-vetted remote accommodations around the Faroe Islands, situated in slow-moving and charming villages.

Hotel Relief offers best-in-class hotel accommodations with trusted partners, showcasing Faroese luxury and comfort from its best side.

FAQs About MICE Events Curated By REMÓT TRAVEL

Can REMÓT TRAVEL Accommodate Group Bookings or Special Events Related to MICE Trips?

Yes! REMÓT TRAVEL specializes in tailoring experiences for various group sizes and occasions. Whether it’s a corporate retreat, a destination wedding, or an intimate gathering, our expert team will customize an itinerary to meet your group’s specific needs, creating unforgettable moments for all involved.

Can REMÓT TRAVEL Assist With Special Requests or Accommodations During Our Corporate Event?

Whatever you need, just ask. As a MICE travel agency in the Faroe Islands, we thrive on making your journey exceptional. Our team is here to cater to your every request whether you:

  • Need special accommodations
  • Have specific dietary preferences
  • Want luxury transportation
  • Desire unique experiences
  • And more

When you book with REMÓT TRAVEL, your comfort and satisfaction are our utmost priorities, ensuring a seamless and elevated travel experience in the Faroe Islands.

What Sets REMÓT TRAVEL Apart From Other MICE Travel Agencies in the Faroe Islands?

Along with our commitment to sustainability in all aspects of our business, we also distinguish ourselves by meticulously curating unique, immersive experiences centered around local guides and people. No two itineraries are the same, as we tailor them to your preferences.

Want to take your team fishing with a local? We’ll arrange it. Do you dream of dining on the ultimate tasting menu at the home of an esteemed local chef? We’ll take care of everything.

When you book with
REMÓT TRAVEL, all you and your colleagues have to do is show up and enjoy the experience.