Faroe Islands Tours: Bespoke Itineraries with Local Faroese Guides

See the Faroe Islands the right way - through a fully-customized, uniquely-personalized itinerary. No predetermined Faroe Islands tours where you’re stuck seeing and experiencing the same things that everyone else does (and with most tours, you’re also experiencing those things with strangers).

Our Faroe Island Tours Are Loved By People Just Like You

Let Us Book Your Unique Faroe Islands Tour Experience

REMÓT TRAVEL is a travel agency in the Faroe Islands.

We’re run by local Faroese people and help our clients have the most unique experiences possible, connecting them with interesting local people along the way.

But our Faroe Island Tours go beyond the ordinary.

  • You love cooking and want to have a private chef come to your accommodations and teach you how to cook fish the Faroese way? We can arrange it.
  • You enjoy seeing remote villages and getting intimate, one-of-a-kind tours of farms, fisheries, or local trades? We can add that to your tour.
  • You’re a private pilot and want help arranging and coordinating a charter for a small plane that you can fly around the islands? We have connections and can make the process simple.

Every person is unique. Therefore, every tour of the Faroe Islands should also be unique.

No Stuffy, Boring, and Disconnected Group Tours

Most Other Tours

Pre-set, basic itineraries
Usually limited to a certain number of days/nights
Frequently structured as group tours with strangers
Access to limited accommodations
Non-immersive, seeing the country from behind looking glass


Bespoke itineraries, capturing your interests
Gastronomy, nature, photography, cliff jumping… we can build it
Private experiences without other travelers
Access to unique, one-of-a-kind accommodations
Including luxurious homestays with locals
Immersive Faroese experiences, focusing on local-centric activities

5 Reasons to Book Your Faroes Islands Tour with Us



Our concept is built around remoteness, hence the name REMÓT. We want to enable travelers to discover the remote corners of our planet - fittingly starting with the Faroe Islands. This Remoteness is also reflected in our REMÓT Retreat accommodations, pearls that combine the sense of escape with Faroese authenticity.


Centred around locals

Our REMÓT Journeys are designed and centered around the locals, whether having dinner with the local farmer, fishing with the local fisherman, or going hiking with a local guide. We always provide REMÓT travelers with the opportunity to truly get a strong feel for the local environment, discovering local cultures, traditions, and nuances. We believe this is what makes for the most immersive and insightful travel experiences.


Sustainable approach to travel

The Faroese have lived alone and isolated on the Faroe Islands for over a millennia. Hence, we are still getting used to the new reality of becoming a more active and visible player on the world map - and this is also true for Faroese tourism.

We believe that the best way to evolve Faroese tourism is through incremental steps, inviting locals to participate in every step of the way. Hence, at REMÓT, we have ensured to invite truly local players - from farmers to fishers to nature enthusiasts - to participate in our REMÓT Experiences. This way, locals are provided with an opportunity to participate in the growing tourism and actively define the conversations surrounding this segment. This, we believe, is the most sustainable approach to tourism in the Faroe Islands.


Faroese born

We are Faroese born. The founders are Faroese, the company is Faroese, and all affiliates are Faroese. This is one of our core strengths in allowing our travelers to gain insights about the Faroese culture and explore local treasures. In a country of only 50,000 people, relationships carry weight in the Faroe Islands. By being local, we are best positioned to nurture these relationships and unlock genuinely local experiences.


The most unique accommodations

Accommodation options are central to our travel experiences. We provide REMÓT Travelers with two accommodation options: Cottage Retreat and Hotel Relief. In both cases, the accommodations have been carefully viewed and selected.

Cottage Retreat offers hand-vetted remote accommodations around the Faroe Islands, situated in slow-moving and charming villages.

Hotel Relief offers best-in-class hotel accommodations with trusted partners, showcasing Faroese luxury and comfort from its best side.

Read 5 more reasons why you should book your Faroe Islands Tour With REMÓT TRAVEL

Types of Faroe Islands Tours

  • 100% private and always escorted by a Faroese guide
  • Perfect for celebrities or publicly known figures looking for a true escape
  • Every aspect of your itinerary is thought through: transportation, accommodation, food, experiences and more
  • Perfect for couples and families looking for pre-booked experiences

Adventure Tours

  • Explore the Faroe Islands with adrenaline-filled adventures
  • We have access to Faroese athletes & adrenaline junkies to create one-of-a-kind tours that you won’t find elsewhere
  • See the archipelago from above, capturing different angles that you won’t see from the ground
  • Luxurious helicopter tours can be paired with other private transportation
  • Climb cliffside peaks and rugged terrain that makes the Faroes mystically magnificent
  • Every tour is bespoke for different levels of hikers

FAQs about REMÓT TRAVEL’s Tours of the Faroe Islands

What makes your Faroe Islands tours different from others?

Our tours are 100% bespoke with itineraries designed just for you. No pre-set number of days or activities. No traveling with other strangers. We ensure that your experience is unlike any other.

How far in advance do we need to book our tour of the Faroe Islands?

Most of the time, we can book your tour of the Faroe Islands within a few weeks. However, the best time to book is at least 2 months out from your excursion so we can ensure you get the exact accommodations, experiences, and dining.

Can your tours accommodate certain disabilities or restrictions?

We try to accommodate everybody for our customized tours. Please reach out and let us know about your unique situation and we will do everything possible to create an itinerary that provides an amazing tour of the Faroes.