Faroe Islands Hiking Tours: Bespoke Itineraries, Local Faroese Guides, Insane Views, and More

The Faroe Islands are remote and untouched, which makes the hiking absolutely majestic.

The Best Hikes In The Faroe Islands Are Off-The-Beaten-Path, Which Our Faroese Guides Have Access To



This secluded islet is a very special experience. It is privately owned which makes it very difficult to access. 

Most tourists are unable to access Tindhólmur, which makes the experience more unique. The terrain is steep and dramatic, and is not for the faint-hearted. There is a famous story on the islet of an eagle that stole a baby from one of the two houses on the island, and about a mother who bravely climbed to the top of one of the peaks of the islet to retrieve her baby. 

We arrange for private dining experiences for our travelers in one of the two houses on the island. We bring travelers to Tindhólmur by boat or helicopter.



While Kallurin hike is one of the few more “touristy” sites that we bring our travelers to, we have the ability to make it more unique and intimate.

We usually bring our travelers over with a private boat to avoid the “peak” hours
of tourists that correlates with the local ferry schedule to the island. 

The hike to Kalluring Lighthouse takes around 45 minutes each way and is like a truly transformative journey to a different universe. The views from Kallurin are unlike anything else and it feels like a true escape from reality. 

There is also rich birdlife in the area.



Enniberg is one of our most challenging hikes with steep terrains. 

However, the struggle is worth it, as there is incredibly dramatic scenery on this trip. At 754 metres (2474 feet), Cape Enniberg is the
world’s tallest vertical sea cliff and is situated on Viðoy island. 

The hike offers views of the dramatic mountains of the Northern islands in the Faroes and a unique “pocket” of tranquility on the top, as there’s a section that’s frequently shielded from the strong winds.



Located on Vágar island, this hidden secret of a hike is a frequented favorite for our travelers.

Through the help of a guide, we charter a boat or kayak across a large body of water to get the most unobstructed view of the towering sea stacks. The views are unparalleled, and the area's tranquility is unlike any other. There is rich birdlife on the hike. 

Other than the journey across the body of water, the approach hike is short, around 30 minutes.



Beinisvørð is located Suðuroy, the southernmost island of the Faroe Islands. Most of the scenic spots on the island are known for being “accessible”, as they often have paved roads. 

This is also the case with Beinisvørð. This dramatic scenery is only ~20 minutes walk from the car, but is completely secluded from civilization. The views are thrilling and the sunsets here are arguably amongst the most beautiful on the planet. The birdlife is also incredibly vibrant on Beinirsvørð.


Kirkja to Hattarvík

Located on the 2nd smallest island of the Faroe Islands, Fugloy, this hiking trip brings travelers between the two villages on the island. The hike is moderately difficult and offers beautiful views. We’ve crafted experiences with locals in the villages to create very special full-day trips on the islands. 

We bring travelers to the island by private boat or helicopter.

Let Us Book Your Unique Faroe Islands Hiking Experience

REMÓT TRAVEL is a Faroe Islands travel company.

We’re run by local Faroese people and help our clients have the most unique experiences possible, connecting them with interesting local Faroese people along the way.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind Faroese hiking experience, we can build the itinerary for you. Whether you’re…

  • An avid, expert mountaineer 
  • A weekend hiking warrior
  • A Sunday afternoon stroller

… we can connect you with the right local Faroese people to create a special, unique experience.


Reasons to Book Your Hiking Tour in The Faroe Islands with Us

Advanced Faroe Islands Hiking Tours for Multi-Day Trips, Mountaineering, and Repelling

Multi-Day Summiting Adventures

  • Adventure throughout the Faroes with a local guide, summiting some of the tallest peaks
  • See all corners of the island

Trail Running

  • Train alongside an local Faroese ultramarathoner while seeing the islands’ majestic views
  • Push yourself to new limits


  • Hang off gorgeous cliff sides while soaking in the views
  • Repel alongside highly-trained local Faroese guides with access to the most state-of-the-art equipment

Steep Hiking

  • Trails with steeper climbs (and therefore more epic views)
  • Get up close and personal with the famous cliffs on the Faroe Islands

Moderate Faroe Islands Hiking Tours for Weekend Warriors

The Sweet Spot

  • That feeling where you’re sore the next day but not too sore? Yeah, we’re aiming for that!

Trail modifications

  • If you’re looking to slow down or speed up, we can flexibly modify the itinerary mid-trip to ensure you have the challenge you’re looking for.

Beginner Faroe Islands Hiking Tours for Maximum Sightseeing

At Your Pace

  • The Faroes are all about the majestic beauty, so we find beginner hikes with amazing views.

Accessible Trails

  • If you’re looking for wheelchair or handicap-accessible trails, we can build an itinerary to accommodate.

All about the views!

  • The Faroes are all about the majestic beauty, so we find beginner hikes with amazing views.

Stop & Rest

  • If you’re looking for wheelchair or handicap-accessible trails, we can build an itinerary to accommodate

Our Faroe Islands Hiking Itineraries Are Bespoke

When building your itinerary, we take into consideration your:

  • Travel dates: We’ll likely build a slightly different itinerary for summer months vs. winter months
  • Hiking level and types of hiking experiences: Are you interested in steep and dramatic hikes or leaning more on the side of going for a casual stroll?
  • Group size: How many people are in your private group? 
  • How many days you want to hike for: Within your Faroe Islands itinerary, how many days are you hoping to dedicate to hiking?