We started REMÓT Travel with a shared vision—to allow visitors to unlock our local treasures while supporting local communities and preserving our natural environment.

Collaborating closely with locals, we craft bespoke travel experiences where our travelers immerse in our unique culture, discover off-the-beaten-path natural gems, and work alongside our team to truly make each journey their own.

The REMÓT Journey

Going REMÓT means having the most exceptional bespoke experience possible in the Faroe Islands.

The core elements of a REMÓT Experience are:

  1. REMÓT Accommodations: This means staying at the most pristine and charming accommodations around the Faroe Islands or staying in the best accommodations that Faroese hotel luxury can offer.
  2. REMÓT Experiences: You can access our variety of REMÓT Experiences, indulging in activities that will provide you with a pure and immersive perspective on the Faroe Islands.
  3. REMÓT Experts: This is your friend, your guide, and your trusted source of information before departure, when in the Faroe Islands, and post-departure. REMÓT Experts are like local oracles – ready to help with any inquiries our travelers might have and always keen to answer any questions.

Heðin (Hey’in) Poulsen

CEO & Partner

As a young boy, Heðin recognised that being one of only 50,000 inhabitants is pretty unique, and he became very interested in his tiny little country. At the age of 10, he learned to memorise all 124 settlements. He has been to each one of them and loves to travel around the 18 beautiful islands. 

Heðin is a certified guide and got his MBA at Henley Business School in 2012. He has worked in different sectors, mainly service and sales. 

“To travel is to live” said H.C.Andersen, and Heðin has travelled around 5 continents. What he loves the most is experiencing authenticity and meeting locals.

Heðin’s favourite destination is Wonderful Vágar.

Email: hedin@

Phone: +298 258019

Rasmus Rosendahl


From a young age, Rasmus was immersed in the Faroese way of life, instilling a deep appreciation for the rugged terrain, pristine waters, and unique culture that define this remote archipelago.

Rasmus’s journey in the world of hospitality began over a decade ago, working in various roles within the Faroese hospitality and tourism industry. He honed his skills in restaurants, bars, and hotels, gaining a profound understanding of the intricacies of delivering exceptional customer experiences. 

While pursuing his studies in International Hospitality Management in Copenhagen, Rasmus’s passion for his homeland and his desire to introduce the world to the Faroe Islands led to the creation of REMÓT Travel with Bjarni.


Rasmus’ favourite destination is Suðuroy.


Email: rasmus@

Phone: +45 52 16 73 79

Bjarni Rasmussen


Growing up in the safe cradle of the Faroe Islands, Bjarni longed to venture out into the world. This led him to backpack around the world, climb the tallest mountain peaks across continents, and finally to study and live in the United States. Now, with these experiences in his back pocket and living in New York, Bjarni appreciates his home country more than ever.

“The landscapes are unmatched, the “slow living" in the Faroese villages is endearing, and the intimacy of Faroese hospitality can only truly be appreciated once you experiencing it."

Observing Americans’ curiosity about his home country, combined with a longing to stay in touch with his home while at university, led to the creation of REMÓT Travel together with Rasmus – the two of whom met while working together at a restaurant when younger, Bjarni as a pizza chef and Rasmus a waiter/bartender.

Bjarni’s favourite destination is Eysturoy.

Email: bjarni@

Phone: +298 273889

Bjørt Nielsen

Sales and Logistics 

Bjørt proudly states that one of her greatest passions in life is to travel. When she travels, she prefers to have a well-structured and organized travel plan, which she feels ensures that she can fully immerse herself in the destinations she goes to—whether savoring culinary delights, appreciating beautiful scenery, or exploring local cultural traditions.

At REMÓT, Bjørt's love for travel extends beyond personal adventures. Through her work, she enjoys meticulously curating our travelers' journeys in the Faroe Islands so they – like her – can fully immerse themselves in the Faroe Islands during their travels. She enjoys the dynamic nature of her work, as it brings new, exciting encounters and has allowed her to appreciate the Faroe Islands from a whole new angle.

Bjørt's favourite place is Sandoy.

Randi á Bergi

Marketing and Social Media 

Randi, hailing from the fishing town of Klaksvík, brings with her the rugged charms of her hometown. At 18, her spirit of adventure led her across the globe to Hawai’i. There, she pursued her studies in marketing and management, all while intertwining her path with REMÓT, joining the team while juggling her academic pursuits.

Despite being the youngest member of REMÓT, Randi is eager to connect and believes there's no better way to forge these connections than through shared experiences amidst nature's grandeur, feeling privileged to share the serenity of her homeland with visitors.

Although at times far away, the Faroe Islands will always be that familiar nook she calls home. Through REMÓT, she hopes to give others a glimpse of its beauty. 

Randi’s favourite destination is Kalsoy.