Faroe Islands Tours: Bespoke Itineraries with Local Faroese Guides

Let Us Plan Your Unique Faroe Islands Itinerary

When you choose REMÓT TRAVEL to plan your Faroe Islands itinerary, we craft your distinctive journey with a simple, seamless process in just a few steps using our Journey Planner. We’ll find out everything you want to do along the way, but we won’t take up a lot of your precious time while we’re planning your adventure.

Step 1

Describe your dream trip

Don’t worry, this won’t be an all-day process — it typically takes less than three minutes with our Journey Planner to tell us what you want from your unique vacation in the Faroe Islands. Be sure to include your preferences for activities, destinations, and experiences.

Step 2

Get matched

Within just a few hours, one of our Travel Specialists will look through your stated preference in the Travel Planner and contact you to collaborate on your trip, meticulously planning your exclusive Faroe Islands itinerary.

Step 3

Book your journey

Once your custom Faroe Islands itinerary is ready, you can complete your booking. The team behind your REMÓT experience will look forward to welcoming you to the Faroe Islands.

Sample Faroe Islands Itineraries

Please be aware that these are sample itineraries and show only a small portion of what the Faroe Islands has to offer. 

At REMÓT TRAVEL, we uniquely customize our itineraries to our guests and can plan whatever you’d like to do and see during your time on the Faroe Islands. If you don’t see something you like here, know that we have dozens of other adventure tours, relaxation activities, dining experiences, accommodations, and more.

Sample 7-Day Itinerary in the Faroe Islands

Here’s an action-packed itinerary we created for one of our adventure-loving guests.

Hit the ground running with a private guided tour on the way from the airport to your accommodation during your stay at Bøur. That evening, we’ll arrange a welcome dinner party where a local chef will prepare a 5-course meal with wine pairings.

Go island hopping on an inflatable boat to Koltur and surrounding areas. Tour a 1000-year-old settlement village and have lunch prepared by a private chef, then take a sightseeing tour to view caves and sea cliffs. Enjoy fine dining that evening at ROKS restaurant.

Day 3

After biking around the area and taking in the breathtaking views, cool off with some cave swimming led by an expert guide. Explore the wonders of the underwater world that most people don’t get to see! End the evening with Faroese tapas at Galeon 530.

Tour the area by helicopter with stops for hikes and rappelling along the way. Take the helicopter to secluded Fugloy Island for dinner before returning to the hotel for the evening.

You’ll probably want to spend the morning relaxing after the non-stop adventure you’ve been having. We can arrange for a local masseuse to come to your suite and give you an organic aromatherapy massage at the new Ress Spa. Then it’s off again to ride through the Faroese countryside, experiencing nature on Icelandic horseback as it was meant to be seen.

Finish strong with a day full of activities: fishing, kayaking, surfing, boating, or whatever else you wish to do. That evening, experience an authentic Faroese dinner in Mykines before taking an exclusive private tour to see the sun setting over the ocean.

Have a hearty breakfast before heading to the airport to fly home. Taking a private jet will ensure you get plenty of rest during your flight, which you’ll need after your action-packed week!

Sample 3-Day Itinerary in the Faroe Islands

Check out this itinerary we created for a couple that wanted to spend a few days relaxing in the Faroe Islands.

Arrive in the Faroe Islands by private jet and be whisked away to a luxury suite at the Hotel Føroyar.


Ease into your journey, spending the day at Hotel Føroyar’s new spa and relaxation facilities, Ress Spa. Sample treatments such as organic aromatherapy, hot stone treatments, and much more, while enjoying the view from Hotel Føroyar of the capital, Tórshavn. Finish the evening with a gourmet meal at the charming Áarstova restaurant.

Day 2

After getting a fabulous night’s sleep, enjoy breakfast in bed before setting out on a private escorted tour. Experience the stunning sights of the Faroe Islands from the comfort of a luxury vehicle. A fun fact about the Faroe Islands is that the weather tends to differ from island to island. Hence, depending on the weather conditions on the different islands, your guide will take you on one of our remote and lighter unique hiking expeditions. Depending on the hike, you will stop at a charming mountain hut to ease in for a leisurely lunch and sample some local Faroese cuisine that your guide has brought. Upon returning to the hotel, take some time to relax before pampering and enjoying  a sumptuous dinner.

Day 3

Today, start the day with a nice breakfast-in-bed. Take a stroll outside Hotel Føroyar, enjoying the surrounding area and the breathtaking views of the capital. Once ready, a private driver will pick you up and take you to the capital, where you will have the opportunity to meet a local artist to explore their craft and meet the designers behind the beloved and renowned knitting brand Guðrun & Guðrun to learn more about their creative process and see their pieces. 

Next, jump on a helicopter tour where you can see the Faroe Islands from the air, looking down upon towering waterfalls and oceanside cliffs.

If you’re up for it - and depending on the weather - we will arrange for a private outdoor yoga session in the afternoon in a scenic spot overlooking Faroese landscapes. 

End the day just outside the capital where a local farm couple will welcome you for a homely Faroese dinner. Partake in a 5-course meal created from Faroese produce while enjoying spectacular views of Koltur and Hestfjørður before being escorted back to the airport by your
private driver.

Sample 5-Day Itinerary in the Faroe Islands

This itinerary was curated for one of our guests who is an avid birder.

Your private guide will welcome you at the airport and take you to Leynar Villa, where you will stay for the first two nights. After some refreshments, you’ll be taken on a private tour of the area with an emphasis on local birds, then back for dinner at Áarstova.

Explore Tindhólmur, a remote and inhabited islet with hiking opportunities and opportunities to spot local Faroese bird species, including the beloved puffin. Enjoy a private dinner on the island served by a renowned chef with experience working in Michelin-starred kitchens.

Day 3

Transfer to the Hotel Havgrim and go grotto sailing with your guide. This inflatable boat tour will allow you to see the dramatic cliffs in the area along with the bird colonies nesting there. We will arrange for a private chef to come to your accommodation to prepare a leisurely meal. Alternatively, you’ll be invited to a farmer couple’s home to experience true Faroese dining and hospitality.

Board a vintage Schooner and sail to different islands of the Faroes. Stop for short hikes and birding along the way and enjoy a custom meal from a local private chef. After the trip, your private guide will take you on a tour of the old town of Tórshavn where you’ll experience authentic charm and be served a catch-of-the-day tasting menu at Barbara Fish House.

Sample a sumptuous breakfast at your hotel before a late checkout, after which your private driver will escort you to the airport for your flight home.

5 Reasons to Book Your Faroes Islands Tour with Us



Our concept is built around remoteness, hence the name REMÓT. We want to enable travelers to discover the remote corners of our planet - fittingly starting with the Faroe Islands. This Remoteness is also reflected in our REMÓT Retreat accommodations, pearls that combine the sense of escape with Faroese authenticity.


Centred around locals

Our REMÓT Journeys are designed and centered around the locals, whether having dinner with the local farmer, fishing with the local fisherman, or going hiking with a local guide. We always provide REMÓT travelers with the opportunity to truly get a strong feel for the local environment, discovering local cultures, traditions, and nuances. We believe this is what makes for the most immersive and insightful travel experiences.


Sustainable approach to travel

The Faroese have lived alone and isolated on the Faroe Islands for over a millennia. Hence, we are still getting used to the new reality of becoming a more active and visible player on the world map - and this is also true for Faroese tourism.

We believe that the best way to evolve Faroese tourism is through incremental steps, inviting locals to participate in every step of the way. Hence, at REMÓT, we have ensured to invite truly local players - from farmers to fishers to nature enthusiasts - to participate in our REMÓT Experiences. This way, locals are provided with an opportunity to participate in the growing tourism and actively define the conversations surrounding this segment. This, we believe, is the most sustainable approach to tourism in the Faroe Islands.


Faroese born

We are Faroese born. The founders are Faroese, the company is Faroese, and all affiliates are Faroese. This is one of our core strengths in allowing our travelers to gain insights about the Faroese culture and explore local treasures. In a country of only 50,000 people, relationships carry weight in the Faroe Islands. By being local, we are best positioned to nurture these relationships and unlock genuinely local experiences.


The most unique accommodations

Accommodation options are central to our travel experiences. We provide REMÓT Travelers with two accommodation options: Cottage Retreat and Hotel Relief. In both cases, the accommodations have been carefully viewed and selected.

Hotel Relief offers best-in-class hotel accommodations with trusted partners, showcasing Faroese luxury and comfort from its best side.

Cottage Retreat offers hand-vetted remote accommodations around the Faroe Islands, situated in slow-moving and charming villages.

FAQs About My Faroe Islands Itinerary Curated By REMÓT TRAVEL

One of Your Sample Itineraries Shows Exactly What I Want To Do — Can You Copy It for My Trip to the Faroe Islands?

We can do that if you want, but you’ll still want to speak with one of our REMÓT Travel Specialists to tell them all about your dream vacation. 

There may be options that you didn’t even know you had, and we work hard to craft bespoke itineraries for each of our guests. Don’t settle for good or great when you can have spectacular!

What if I Want To Spend My Time in the Faroe Islands Relaxing Instead of Going on Adventures?

We create custom Faroe Islands itineraries to suit your tastes and needs. 

You’re not a daredevil who wants to spend their vacation rappelling, cave swimming, or taking a
helicopter tour? That’s fine! You’ll still be able to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of your surroundings while relaxing at your luxury hotel, having a spa day, or dining on the finest local Faroese cuisines.

What Sets REMÓT TRAVEL Apart From Other Faroe Islands Travel Agencies?

We go the extra mile to create a custom Faroe Islands itinerary for each guest. While we have options to choose from in our Journey Planner, this is merely a starting point to build your unique itinerary. We take pride in offering curated experiences co-curated alongside Faroese locals, empowering and supporting local communities to enter the Faroese tourism scene. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of exclusive accommodations, from charming mountain cabins to grand beach villas, as well as a variety of luxury vehicles, including SUVs, minivans, and sedans.

Connect with us to start a conversation about the Faroe Islands vacation you’ve been dreaming of.