Embarking on a journey with REMÓT places you at the nexus of a new approach to bespoke luxury travel. Through our sustainable approach to tourism, we unlock the true majesty of the Faroe Islands. Our unique bespoke trips consist of three elements: First, travelers discover local treasures with a native Faroese travel expert. Second, travelers stay in the most unique and enchanting accommodations in the Faroe Islands. Finally, travelers engage in enriching experiences across our beautiful islands, crafted exclusively for REMÓT Travelers.



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Do you want a serene and curative escape from the whirlwind of everyday life?

Be prepared to be stunned by several elements when visiting the Faroe Islands: Scenic landscapes, unique culinary traditions, a rich and humble culture, and much more. With REMÓT Travel you can experience fascinating site visits, divine culinary adventures, and unforgettable cultural encounters - REMÓT journeys put a special emphasis on luxury feel and particular regard to their travelers. To ensure a superbly bespoke experience, travelers are connected with a REMÓT Travel Specialist to meet any custom requests and collaborate on crafting the perfect itinerary for your journey.

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The hike from the old Mykines town adorned with turf-roofed houses to the lighthouse at the end of the islet of Mykineshólmur is a particularly astounding excursion. Giving a sense as if you are at the edge of the world. The secluded Island of Mykines has deservedly turned into visitors of the Faroe Islands’ top pick.

Experience breathtaking perspectives on the sea toward the west and different islands toward the east as you stroll across the island named the "paradise of birds" in view of its superb and rich bird life, including many adorable puffins settled in tunnels in the clifftops throughout the mid year months.

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The remarkable Islet of Tindhólmur.

The island's landscape is especially notable due to the five peaks named Ytsti, Arni, Lítli, Breiði, Bogni, which can be translated into Farthest, Eagle, Small, Broad, and Bent. Despite the distinctively aggressive look of the peaks, the Islet makes for a breathtaking hiking excursion.

REMÓT offers our travelers to go off the beaten path to explore remote natural pearls in the Faroese mountains. We provide travelers with a trusted hiking partner who will be accompanying you on your trip, ready to enlighten you with insight of the Islet and answer any other inquiries that might arise.

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While the growing tourism sector has brought accelerated innovation in local gastronomy and increased experiential activities availabe for locals and travellers alike, the Faroe Islands is also a very small and fragile place. Hence, it is on top of REMÓT Travel’s agenda to lead the way in developing the Faroese tourism sector in a sustainable and inclusive manner - allowing travellers to explore our beautiful islands whilst keeping the Faroese way-of-life intact. Everything we do at REMÓT is with respect and regard for the local community and natural environment;

Our partners in the Faroe Islands are always locally Faroese – ensuring that resources stay within our communities, resulting in more opportunities and innovation in the Faroese tourism sector.

We always plan our REMÓT Experiences to be as localized as possible, with local partners. We want to create direct value in the towns and villages where we operate.

No mass tourism. Some of the natural ecosystems struggle to stay healthy amidst the influx of tourism - We always recommend our travellers to explore off-the-beaten-path locations, as we believe this is best for the local environments

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Experience the quintessence of the Faroe Islands from the peaceful and moody village of Bøur.

Bøur has a radiant view over the ocean and the rough uninhabited islet of Tindhólmur with its five castle-like peaks. The town has enchanting old wooden houses grouped along with narrow paths and an established church from 1865. The charming village is close to many of the Faroe Islands’ most iconic sights, such as Múlafossur, Tindhólmur, and Drangarnir. REMÓT offers high-quality accommodations in Bøur, making it the optimal place to center your Faroe Islands Journey around.

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