Food and Dining in the Faroe Islands

Photographer: Janicke Hansen / Let’s get lost

Food and Dining – A Lot to Offer for a Small Country

For a small country, there is a lot to explore with respect to food and dining in the Faroe Islands. One of the great pleasures of travelling is to indulge in local cuisine, and when travelling to the Faroe Islands, we are proud to be able to roll out the red carpet for dining experiences,

The islands’ food options range from traditional local cuisine like fermented lamb to fusions of Faroese and international dishes, such as Faroese tapas and Faroese sushi, to better known international cuisines, such as Italian and French. The gastronomic scene on the Faroe Islands is flourishing and can serve whatever satiates your appetite.

Lamb and Fish are big Components of the Faroese Menu

To make your travels as local and authentic as possible when in the Faroe Islands, we recommend experimenting with the local cuisine when visiting the islands. Being the home to around 70.000 sheep (greater than the human population), it should be no surprise that Faroese lamb is commonly served on the family dinner table. Faroese are also very fond of eating, whether people have fished it themselves in the fjords or have had it handed from a friend or relative working as a fisherperson. With the islands’ remoteness, fresh waters, and Gulf Stream controlling the temperature, the Faroe Islands’ fish is truly world-class quality – try it for yourself.

Food and Dining Experiences in the Faroe Islands

We recognize the importance of dining when travelling; hence we have tailored several of our REMÓT Experiences around local culinary experiences:

Eat at a Local’s: We proudly offer our travellers the option to dine in the locals’ homes in the villages where you are staying. You can enjoy the unique experience of dining at the local farmer’s dinner party, where you are served a variety of homemade Faroese food while enjoying the enchanting Faroese home-hospitality and further acquainting yourself with Faroese customs and culture. 

Chef’s Table: Enjoy an extraordinary taste of the Faroe Islands as local superstar chefs privately prepare and serve world-class gastronomic experiences for REMÓT Travelers. The experience can be arranged at your REMÓT Accommodation, out in the wild, or at a designated destination.

Restaurant Discovery: The gastronomic scene in the Faroe Islands has rapidly developed in recent years, with several speciality restaurants emerging. We guide REMÓT Travelers to make the best decisions on what restaurants to prioritize when in the Faroes – from local and less-known cafes to our 2-star Michelin restaurant, KOKS.

Discover with a local chef: If you want the full-tour, we organize for our travellers to embark on a 1-day trip with a local chef to roam around the Faroe Islands to pick up your own ingredients for the meal. You will pick potatoes from a potato field, snorkel for shellfish, fish your own catch of the day, pick the relevant herbs in the Faroese mountains – the list goes on! What better way to get a true feeling and understanding of the Faroese culinary culture.

Let us help plan your trip to the Faroe Islands!

Ready to take the next step? Feel free to use our REMÓT Journey Planner to make an inquiry or email us at A REMÓT Travel Expert will be in touch to build an incredible travel itinerary for the Faroe Islands, where we can focus on culinary adventures!

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