Adventure Travel in the Faroe Islands

Adventure Travel in the Faroe Islands


The Faroe Islands – a Playground for Adventure Travel

Most travellers think of the Faroe Islands as an ideal place for relaxation and to achieve a feeling of calm and serenity. Whilst this certainly is true, adventure travel in the Faroe Islands also offers enchanting opportunities. Through our REMÓT Experiences, we are excited to provide more adventurous travelers with plenty of opportunities for getting their adrenaline kicks in the fresh outdoors.

That’s right. The Faroe Islands is also the perfect playground for all those seeking to explore their adventurous boundaries and are interested in trying some more physically challenging activities while journeying the mountainous islands.

The Faroe Islands has something for every adventure traveler

No matter whether you want to try out kayaking, cliff jumping, rappelling, snorkeling, jet-skiing, or surfing – we are ready to offer you the possibility along with our incredible local partners. Our goal is to encompass every aspect of adventure travel possible in the frisk and natural outdoor playgrounds of the Faroe Islands. We firmly believe that our experiences will provide you with a unique and fresh perspective of the Faroe Islands.

Through our adventure travel experiences in the Faroe Islands, we aim to give you a fun experience where you get the chance to step out of your comfort zone while still being in the hands of professional and experienced guides. Safety always comes first.

Kayaking in the Faroe Islands

One activity which in recent years has become more popular amongst locals is kayaking. Kayaking is a popular choice as it is suitable for both the experienced and inexperienced and is suitable across all the different islands. Sitting in a kayak on the open ocean is truly a spectacular event. You feel the peacefulness as you are calmly floating through the cliffs and caves while relishing the sweet sound of the sea and wildlife surrounding you. There is not much like it.

Rock climbing in the Faroe Islands

If water sports are not your forté, we offer our REMÓT travelers plenty of other Adventure Activities as well. Take, for instance, outdoor climbing. Faroese people are said to be naturally great rock climbers. The reason is said to be our history of climbing down steep cliffs to gather eggs from birds’ nests. The Faroe Islands is a true climbing gem in the North Atlantic with countless mountains and cliffs. There are many climbing opportunities across the different islands, whether for the experienced climber or a first-timer.

The Faroe Islands in an inflatable boat

A favourite for many of our travellers is discovering the Faroe Islands in inflatable boats. The freedom and flexibility of such boats inspire a sense of adventure, and the pace and intensity give a rush of adrenaline. The boats can be used as a means for transportation to get to the more remote islands, they allow travellers to discover the numerous grottos, or simply just to get up-close to places such as “Rising & Kellingin” or “Drangarnir” sea stacks. If really looking to be a bit more adventurous, you can also suit up in a life jacket suit, and you will be dropped go for a swim in the open Atlantic Ocean.

Let us help plan your trip to the Faroe Islands!

Ready to take the next step? Feel free to use our REMÓT Journey Planner to make an inquiry or email us at [email protected]. A REMÓT Travel Expert will be in touch to build an incredible travel itinerary for the Faroe Islands, including adventure activities described above!

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