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The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands. A small archipelago in the North Atlantic, counting 18 small islands and a population of only 50,000. In addition to offering scenic landscapes and vibrant wildlife, the country has much else to offer. With a history spanning more than a thousand years, the Faroe Islands is rich in cultural practices, traditions, and geo-specific nuances, making it an exciting destination for the curious traveler – what that is in terms of nature, culture, history, or all of the former.


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The Faroe Islands - See For Yourself


The Atlantic Puffin second most prosperous species of bird in the Faroe Islands, only exceeded by fulmar. These charming little bird with colourful beaks have charmed their way into the hearts of the Faroese and tourists alike. There are around 500,000 pairs of breeding puffin in the Faroe Islands. Puffins are found all around the Faroe Islands, but they are especially prevalent on the island of Mykines.

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While the growing tourism sector has brought accelerated innovation in local gastronomy and increased experiential activities availabe for locals and travellers alike, the Faroe Islands is also a very small and fragile place. Hence, it is on top of REMÓT Travel’s agenda to lead the way in developing the Faroese tourism sector in a sustainable and inclusive manner - allowing travellers to explore our beautiful islands whilst keeping the Faroese way-of-life intact. Everything we do at REMÓT is with respect and regard for the local community and natural environment;

Our partners in the Faroe Islands are always locally Faroese – ensuring that resources stay within our communities, resulting in more opportunities and innovation in the Faroese tourism sector.

We always plan our REMÓT Experiences to be as localized as possible, with local partners. We want to create direct value in the towns and villages where we operate.

No mass tourism. Some of the natural ecosystems struggle to stay healthy amidst the influx of tourism - We always recommend our travellers to explore off-the-beaten-path locations, as we believe this is best for the local environments

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Experience the quintessence of the Faroe Islands from the peaceful and moody village of Bøur.

Bøur has a radiant view over the ocean and the rough uninhabited islet of Tindhólmur with its five castle-like peaks. The town has enchanting old wooden houses grouped along with narrow paths and an established church from 1865. The charming village is close to many of the Faroe Islands’ most iconic sights, such as Múlafossur, Tindhólmur, and Drangarnir. REMÓT offers high-quality accommodations in Bøur, making it the optimal place to center your Faroe Islands Journey around.

Visit our website to learn more about the Faroe Islands and REMÓT Travel, and feel free to use our Journey planner to start crafting your bespoke itinerary for the Faroe Islands!

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As the Faroe Islands´ first bespoke luxury travel company we are dedicated to creating experiences for our clients that are uncompromising in quality. At REMÓT Travel we have worked tremendously hard to strike a balance between luxurious comfort, charm, and unique experiences.

Before visiting the Faroe Islands, REMÓT experts work closely with the clients to craft a tailor-made Journey, thus ensuring that every need is met.

We collaborate with and build our experiences around the Faroese locals – this way opening up the Faroese tourism industry and making it more inclusive.

Finally, we believe in a sustainable, non-mass-tourism approach to the future of discovering the Faroe Islands. This allows our wildlife and scenic pearls to maintain their authentic and unspoiled existence while sustaining and preserving our natural ecosystems.

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